Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

After taking the past year off from rugby league Akarika Dawn plans to return to the Jacksonville Axemen for the 2013 season. The former University of Colorado linebacker and rugby league forward has been a force in USA rugby league and is known to excite fans with his roughness on the field. “I last played rugby league in March of last year for the USA Tomahawks during the Donnybrook Cup. It was a great experience and I was fortunate to score twice in the win over Ireland.” Since then Dawn and his family have grown with the birth of their second son and he has been busy teaching and coaching at a high school in Houston, TX. Dawn has kept his training up over the past year by playing soccer. “Most people would never guess that soccer is my favorite sport and I play 2-3 times a week to stay in shape.” The Axemen couldn’t be happier to welcome Akarika back to the team says Drew Slover, co-founder and general manager of the Jacksonville Axemen. “When he started with us in 2007 he was new to the game and since then has developed into one of the best players in the USA. We are excited to have him back playing in Jacksonville and it will be great having his intensity on the field.” Dawn has focused on rugby league for 2013. “If everything works out I hope to return to Jacksonville this summer to compete and prepare myself for October. I plan to make the USA team and take the Axemen to England for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup. I am also eager to return because I miss playing for the fans in Jacksonville. Besides smashing people, feeding off the crowds emotions was the best! The people that supported us and cheered always drove me to play harder because I could feel their appreciation.” Stay tuned for more info on Akarika Dawn and other Axemen players at www.jaxaxe.com.