Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Law Office of John M. Phillips remains the Title and Naming Rights Sponsor for the Axe Maiden through his JaxArrest.com website

For the second year on the row, the Criminal Defense Lawyers at JaxArrest.com are the title sponsor for the Axe Maidens, and this means the brand is on display everywhere the Axe Maidens perform. The Axe Maidens traveled to Atlanta on June 26 thru 28 to take part in the annual ALL PRO DANCE CONVENTION, and of course took the JaxArrest.com brand and logo with them.

Axe Maidens JAXARREST Logo

At home games the JaxArrest.com Axe Maidens proudly display the sponsor logo on uniforms and printed items like the Axe Maiden Poster. The Axe Maidens are also very active in the community and attend a numbers of events during the year, and the JaxArrest.com brand goes with them.

We need to send out a huge thank you to John M. Phillips, Reid M. Hart and the entire Jacksonville Criminal Defense team for their continued support of the Axe Maidens.

We encourage all our fans to take a moment to visit www.JAXARREST.com to look at the service provided in Criminal Defense, and also to take a look at Community giving page to see the large number of ways the John, Reid and the entire team are helping the Jacksonville Community.

With offices in Jacksonville and the beaches area, the Law Offices of John M. Phillips truly serves all of Jacksonville.

Axe Maidens