Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Axemen All Business in Preparation for Home Opener

The 121 Financial Jacksonville Axemen are preparing for their home opener this Saturday, June 30th against the Copperheads RLFC of South Florida.

The team is coming off a 2-0 run on the road against the Tampa Mayhem and the Atlanta Rhinos and are looking forward to playing back at home in front of their amazing Jacksonville fan base.

With the newly formed Copperheads traveling with a 0-2 record the Axemen may seem to have reason to relax but Coach Sean Rutgerson said that is not the case.

“These games are a danger for us,” said Rutgerson. “They are coming to our home field and I fear that our guys may think they can take it easy. We really need to concentrate because the Copperheads are going to be giving it their all to beat us at home, where we got beat 3 times last year. We need to make sure we are sticking with our game and keeping things tightened up on the field.”

Currently in first place in the South Conference, the Jacksonville Axemen are certainly preparing to seek redemption for last season and secure another win at home.

Kick off is 6:00pm Saturday June 30th at the UNF practice soccer fields.

Photo: Allene Rachal