Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Axemen Defeat Fight & Remain Undefeated – Game Report

The battle for the top position in the USARL standings began in the early evening in Wayne, PA on Saturday June 30th, 2012.  The only two remaining undefeated teams, The Firehouse Subs Jacksonville Axemen and the Valley Forge Casino Philadelphia Fight, prepared to do battle in front of an excited and anxious crowd of several hundred.

The game began with the Fight kicking off to the visiting Axemen. The game continued through the first quarter with the ball going back and forth between both teams.  After one try attempt was called incomplete, the Axemen were the first to score on a Taylor Alley Try and a completed conversion kick by Coach Mat Keeley.  The Axemen scored again as Keeley squeezed in under the Fight defense, however his conversion was unsuccessful.  At the end of the first quarter, the Axemen were leading 10 to 0.

The second quarter was a tough 20 minutes of Rugby League, both teams seeing penalties, injuries, and strong defenses.  The Axemen were able to capitalize as Brenden Beedle punched it in for a try after a tough, but ground gaining, run by Matt Clark and great pass by Brent Shorten.  Keeley’s conversion kick was successful bringing the halftime score to Axemen 16 Fight 0.

The third quarter began much the same with a tough back and forth between both teams.  The first team to score was Jacksonville with an amazing catch and try by Matt Thornton in the far corner and the good conversion kick by Keeley.  Philadelphia was able to counter with a try of their own and a completed conversion.  The third quarter ended with the Axemen up 22 to 6.

With 20 minutes left in the game, the fourth quarter was setting up to be the most intense quarter yet.  Down by 16, the Fight looked to attempt to even the score as quickly as possible.  With several great defensive stands by both teams, the Axemen were able to hold Philadelphia to only one try (& completed conversion) while scoring two of their own.  Brent Shorten had a break away try while Rich Alleger scored up the middle.

Both teams walked away bloodied, bruised, and exhausted, with the Axemen coming out on top and remaining undefeated.  The Firehouse Subs Jacksonville Axemen defeat the Valley Forge Casino Philadelphia Fight with the final of 34 to 12.