Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Axemen get a player on loan from the Orange County Outlaws

Bryce had been assisting the Orange County Outlaw team with setting up and developing their operations in California during the summer. He has been advising the OC Outlaws CEO, Fred Lewis, to create the first stages of a foundation team in the Orange County (CA) area. Bryce is also a former Helensburg Tigers teammate of current Axemen Captain Brent Shorten.

“With the number of injuries we have suffered this season, there was a need to look at some options for the rest of the season”, said Axemen Coach Spinner Howland. “We have three guys out for the season and it looks like at least three more are going to lucky to be back by the playoffs. We had been in conversations with Bryce very early in the season before he decided to go to California and help them with their initial set up, so we knew a lot about his playing ability and what he could bring to the Axemen team.”

Bryce had also visited Jacksonville two years ago on a vacation and was very keen to return for an extended stay with the team.

Fred Lewis is excited that one of their players will have a chance to experience the USARL prior to the team in CA getting to the full formation stage and games starting to commence. “The Outlaws are putting all the pieces in place to make our future certain. There is a lot to do during the set up of a team and Bryce has been a true value during this last month”, said Lewis. “I am excited that he is going to get a chance to play in the USARL earlier than expected”

The Outlaws expect to get their first team operational after the summer so it was an easy decision for them to allow Bryce to come on loan to the Axemen.

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