Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Axemen are Inviting Fans to get all Touchy with Rugby League by adding a game of Touch Rugby to open up the August 15 Southern Championship Game

“Over the years we have had a number of fans express an interest in learning to play Rugby League but had the obvious concerns with the heavy contact that is a core part of the game,” said the Axemen managers. “So this Saturday we are going to introduce our fans to the local TOUCH RUGBY sides that are growing as a great way to play a code of our sport, without the heavy tackles.”

Prior to the USA Rugby League Southern Conference game between the Central Florida Warriors and the Atlanta Rhinos, that will kickoff at 5:30pm at UNF, the Jacksonville Touch Rugby Team will play an exhibition game against the Palm Coast team.

Touch Rugby is “Flag Football” version of Rugby League, where players are deemed “tackled” once they are touched by a defending player. The same basic rules of 6 “downs” to score, ball being passed laterally, scoring by trys (touchdowns) are all part of the game, so it is a fantastic way to learn the basic skills of the full contact version of the sport, without having to worry about the violent contact aspect.

Touch Rugby offers an awesome way to add a fun sport to any fitness goals, while enjoying a fast paced and exciting game with a lot less chance of injury than the full contact versions. It is also an great way to meet new fitness minded people in a very social atmosphere while playing sport.

The Touch Rugby Game will kick-off at 4:30pm as the “Curtain Raiser” to the Southern Championship game, and is included in the cost of admission.

Both the Jacksonville and Palm Coast teams will have representatives on hand to get more information about the sport and their teams, and a number of former and current Axemen players will also be added to the rosters of both teams.

You can find the Jacksonville Touch Rugby group at this link of Facebook: Jacksonville Touch Rugby 

Jax Touch Group