Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Axemen host Australia Day event in Jacksonville and raise money for Flood Victims

Wed – Jan 26 – 4pm till 7pm – Outback Steakhouse near Queens Harbor (Beach Blvd & Hodges Blvd)

With Axemen founder and co-owner, Spinner Howland being Australian and import player Brent Shorten also being an Aussie, the Axemen wanted to find a way to help the victims of the recent devastation that has effected so much of the “Land Down-under”. With Jan 26 being Australia Day (Aussie 4th of July) hosting an event was perfect not only to celebrate their National Holiday and share some culture in Jacksonville but also the perfect way to help show support for their fellow countrymen.

Spinner Howland has promised it to be a fun Happy-Hour event and asked, “Lets be honest, Aussies are a fun loving people and known for battling through tough times with a smile. How can you not see the lighter side of even the worst disaster when you come from a country were we kill and eat both the animals that appear on our Coat of Arms (Crest).”

Brent Shorten commented with, “This is a horrible disaster and with the lives lost and damage is it very serious with a sadness at times. But Australians are the type of people that just accept the reality of the event and then get on with rebuilding and try to do it with lots of jokes, smiles and some good hearted fun. If you dwell on this you’ll get nothing done. Spinner and I feel a long way from home right now and being able to be around other Aussies and frand help with this effort makes it easier to acccept.”

History will show that Australians pull together no matter how far apart they are during disasters and the spirit of the “Aussie Battler” comes to the forefront. Australian generally embrace the idea that helping your mates out during the tough times is the most honorable thing anyone can do.

This event is bought to you by the Jacksonville Axemen in partnership with SUCK IT UP USA, Budweiser and with thanks to Outback Steakhouse.

Jan 26 is AUSTRALIA DAY and we are inviting you all to attend our event in Jacksonville. FL. 4pm till 7pm – come early if you want a seat. Entry is FREE but we will have a $1 raffle for some prizes in addition to the “Aussie Dressed Competition”.

“HAPPY HOUR IN THE OUTBACK” for Flood Victims. Happy hour prices for drinks of course and Spinner will buy some Bloomin Onions so you have something to wash down with the BIG BLOKES OF BUD or BUD LIGHT. (Happy hour from 4 – 7pm)
If you know an Australian living in the area please let them know!! TRUST me, this is an Australian event and it will be FUN!
In addition to being a “Cultural Event” it is also going to be a fundraiser for the FLOOD VICTIMS in Australia. If you have been living under a rock for the last 2 weeks here are some links that will get you up to speed on this disaster that has killed 25 (11 still missing) and caused BILLIONS in damage. The affected area is 321 MILLION acres (yes 321 Million)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BZNHN4yfZU (This water rose in 10 minutes)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2WROBiQJn0&NR=1 (The opening clip here is a main street and it looks like a water ride at a theme park)

PRIZES – Of course we need to make this FUN so there is a “Most Australian Dressed” Competition. (Tastefully dressed of course) – get on-line and find some VERY Australian ideas (Bushrangers, Bushwackers, Jackaroos, Jillaroos, Croc Hunters, Croc Dundees, Bogans, Rugby Players, Famous Aussie Celebrities, etc, etc)
There will an AWESOME PRIZE with the most Australia Male and Female.
We will also have a small silent auction with some cool prizes.

Tom McManus (Former Jag and Host of McManus Uncensored Sports Radio) will be on hand with the SUCK IT UP movement. (How appropriate given that the people of Australia are all just sucking it up right now as they get on with the process of re-building)

In keeping with our commitment to ALWAYS respect our local community and that this event will be sending some money overseas (Yes Australia is actually overseas) – 30% of money raised will be shared by the HEAL Foundation and Veterans Farms (who are the official charities of SUCK IT UP USA – www.suckitupusa.com)

The remaining money will be sent to assist the flood victims via http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/

If you are an Aussie living in the area and cannot make the event please use the above link to donate (We got advice from home and this will be the most effective way to assist in the re-building efforts)

ALL DONATIONS ARE ASKED TO BE IN CASH OR CHECK (we do not have the ability to take credit/debit cards) – we can promise you that 100% of donations are all going to charity.