Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Axemen players turning to the NFL during their bye weekend

The Axemen players plan to depart the St Johns Town Center at about 5.45pm to arrive at Everbank Field at about 6pm. They will then go and find a section of seats that will allow them to enjoy the Scrimmage as a team and they hope that a number of their fans will come and enjoy the event with them. The Axemen will be entering thru Gate 1 at about 6pm.

They also encourage their fans to consider the great deals that are on offer for tickets to the Jaguars season during the open scrimmage.

Gates open at 6pm for the scrimmage and the event starts at 7pm. Parking is FREE and entry is FREE.

We encourage our fans to wear either Jaguars or Axemen apparel to this event.

Those fans who with to join the Axemen at the event may call 904-536-7501 once they arrive to see where the Axemen are sitting.