Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Axemen Start Youth Rugby League in Orlando

Axemen Fullback Kenny Britt

Lake Mary Preparatory School, Lake Mary, FL 1-13-2011

Lake Mary Prep is an elite college preparatory school with kids ranging in age from 3 to 18 located in Lake Mary, FL just outside of Orlando. It is also home to the newest youth after school rugby program.

Started by Jacksonville Axemen and USA Tomahawk fullback Kenny Britt, this past Thursday was their first practice. With a good showing of 15 kids from the 1st to 5th grade, Coach Britt focused on introducing the players to the basics of rugby league. With smiles on every kids face and the biggest smile on Coach Britt’s face, fun was had by all. The program will continue on for the next 9 and Coach Britt hopes more kids continue to show interest. “This is the best way to grow our sport. The more kids we get interested in this great game the more our sport will grow. I was very impressed with the skill of the kids, most who have never seen a rugby ball before. The enthusiasm was excellent and I can’t wait till next Thursday.”