Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Calling all Athletes

All current and interested players should CLICK HERE to get the full schedule, items that are needed and minimum fitness standards. Camp starts with a 6.15pm player meeting on Friday, May 6.
The full contact scrimmage will be played at 4pm on Saturday (May 7) at Hodges Stadium and will have full concessions and the always popular $1 beer. This event is included in the season ticket package and walk-up price will be $5. (Kids 12 and under FREE)
Gates will open at 3.30pm.

“The scrimmage is a great way for us to find out if a player has the mental strength to play Rugby League as the rookies get to go full speed against the veterans in their effort to earn a roster spot”, said Axemen coach Spinner Howland. “The scrimmage is designed to let us do a few things. We get to see if skills and basic plays have been retained from the morning sessions, and we also get to see how the guys perform under fatigue. The morning is pretty tough and it really takes some mental attitude to come out focused and aggressive enough to play full contact after a long day of practice. It is time for the guys to prove they are as tough as their mouths made them out to be earlier in the morning. A lot of guys will train like Tarzan, and I am making sure we don’t have any that will play like Jane. Of course with the veterans also feeling the pressure and doing all they can to keep their spots, there is always a little tension. I have no problem with a few “fireworks” in a controlled environment providing it doesn’t effect a players ability to perform at a high level.”

The scrimmage is played in 4 x 15 minute quarters to allow the coaching staff to make multiple changes in positions and to ensure that there is no risk of exhaustion to the players.

“This is the best event for our new fans to come an experience Rugby League,” said co-founder Drew Slover. “There are plenty of veteran fans who are great at explaining the game to new comers and with the extra breaks in play, it allows a little more time for the game-day staff to explain what is happening on the field.”

The Axe Maiden Cheerleaders will also perform at this game to finalize their routines and fine tune any needs before the full season gets under way.

Following the scrimmage, all the fans and general public is invited to join the players and cheerleaders at Time Out Sports Grill to meet all the players who will become the 2011 Firehouse Subs Jacksonville Axemen.