Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Catching Up From Quarantine:

Catching Up From Quarantine:

Alex Eberle

Within his 3 years of playing for the Jacksonville Axemen, Alex Eberle has worked his way up from rookie to one of the most dependable players on the roster. So even when the pandemic hit and rugby league was canceled for the summer, Eberle continued to help motivate his team mates and keep new players engaged during socially distanced training sessions. After leading others during a difficult summer, you can expect to see him as a driving force on the team this year.

  1. How did you spend most of your time last summer without playing rugby league?

“I spent most of my time over summer enjoying the outdoors and discovering new places.  This was a win win because I had the opportunity to explore a lot of the springs in Florida and avoid the large crowds of indoor activities.”

2. What has helped you stay sane (or drove you nuts) during the pandemic? 

“Working from home was amazing at first, but I found myself missing the interactions and routine of going to the office every day.  Having virtual happy hours with friends occasionally was a neat way to stay connected and catch up with other teammates I haven’t seen in a while!”

3. How have you been training throughout lock-downs and social distancing? 

“Without access to a gym for a long period of time during the pandemic, I learned a ton of home workouts and just how much you can actually do with no equipment using just your body weight.  Thankfully running was still an option for me, but it was a challenge to stay motivated without the comradery of training with Axemen teammates on the regular.”

Photo: Allene Rachal

4. Any positive life changes in the past year?

“One positive of the pandemic is it has given me the opportunity to work on my career goals without the outside distractions of past summers.”

5. What do you look forward to most about the upcoming season? 

“Being back on the field with the boys and getting to have competition again. Rugby League is a big part of most of our lives and I found myself missing the grind of the season and memories you build through the process more than I could ever imagine. And most importantly the opportunity to bring the Axemen another championship.”