Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Catching Up From Quarantine:

Catching Up From Quarantine:

David Washington

It’s not easy to catch up with David Washington – the Axemen wing is one of the fastest players in the USARL, and has made several appearances playing for the USA Hawks around the world. About to start his 6th year playing for the Jacksonville Axemen, Washington is also one of the team’s top try scorers in recent years. We managed to catch up with him and learn more about how he has been over the past year, and how he is getting ready for the upcoming season.

  1. How did you spend most of your time last summer without playing rugby league?

“It was hard to sit inside at first and I was able to relax and enjoy not being so busy. But after some time, I just needed to get outside, so I spent a lot of time just walking around my neighborhood and going to the beach.”

Photo: Allene Rachal

2. What has helped you stay sane (or drove you nuts) during the pandemic? 

“I stayed sane through keeping in contact with friends via zoom, xbox and house party chat. I also picked up Golf in late July.”

3. How have you been training throughout lock-downs and social distancing? 

“I started off doing body weight workouts at home and jogging in my neighborhood. Once Florida was cleared for training, a couple teammates would meet up and do simple passing and kicking drills to maintain our skills. I rejoined the Jacksonville Rugby Union team to help get back in a competitive atmosphere.”

4. Any positive life changes in the past year?

“After bouncing between Union and League the past few seasons, the summer off gave me time to recover and let parts of the body rest from some nagging injuries and years of competing nearly year round.”

5. What do you look forward to most about the upcoming season? 

“I’m excited for this upcoming season. I started playing League in 2016 and it’s been a life changing experience for me. I look forward to competing for the top slot as National Champions this year. Everyone was ready to go last year after our loss to the Brooklyn Knights in the final game and this year will be very interesting. A lot of people will be itching to come back to play from our team, as well as other teams and we are welcoming a new team in the South Division.”

Photo: Allene Rachal