Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Copperheads Forfeit Results in Team Scrimmage for Game 5

After claims that bad weather on Friday afternoon derailed their Saturday travel plans, the Copperheads RLFC took a forfeit to the Axemen for Game 5.

The Axemen, ready to go, refused to let their fans down and played themselves in a 9’s scrimmage at UNF. It was a fun event which started with a race instead of a coin toss between two of the teams fastest Axemen wingers, David Washington and James Williams. David Washington outran James Williams by a step for the advantage.

Along with the Axemen’s nearly 30 registered players, there were a few former players who showed up to take the field as well including Will Fletcher (2018 National Championship team) and Saif Kareem, who has been a long-standing player turned photographer/videographer. Always willing to help out the Axemen, former UNF and Jax Men’s player Tristan Morhous also laced up his boots.

Coach Sean Rutgerson got his turn at officiating the game, and as he sent players off the field they had to perform burpees while the fans counted before they were able to take the bench. The conversions also had to be kicked by the player who scored each try, adding to the fun.

The game ended with team “Super Slovers” defeating team “Chop City” 42-36 in the closest game the Axemen have played all season.

“We haven’t canceled a game in 14 years,” said team co-owner and general manager Drew Slover “and we weren’t about to let our fans down. We are dedicated to our fans and sponsors and we can’t thank them enough for coming out to support the team in what was a very disappointing forfeit from the Copperheads. It ended up being a really fun event, and we were able to showcase all of our players, not just the 19 named to the original roster. The Axemen will always show up, whether our opponents do or not.”

Photos: Allene Rachal