Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

JaxArrest.com and the Law Offices of John Phillips will be presenting the “BIG HIT Sponsor Networking Event” that will take place during the USA Rugby League Southern Conference Championship this Saturday at Hodges Stadium.

The event is designed to allow the current sponsors of the Jacksonville Axemen and Axe Maidens to enjoy the Championship game, while also creating an environment where relationships between sponsors can be formed.

“The vision for this event is to foster opportunities that increase business between our sponsor partners,” said Spinner Howland. “All our sponsors have at least one thing in common, the Axemen, and if that can be used as the catalyst to develop business opportunities between the companies and individuals who support us, then it is something we want to encourage.”

Sponsors and invited officials will be hosted in the VIP Press Box Suite at Hodges Stadium, and enjoy complimentary food and beverage during the game. The Axemen are hoping that many of their sponsor partners can get to know each other on a more personal level, with the team being the common interest. “We hope that by allowing our sponsors to get to know each other on a more personal level, they can create a network of opportunity among themselves that leads to business being shared with each other.”

The companies who purchased the networking package to the event will also be entered to win one of two prizes that will be drawn at halftime. (A) 2015 Sponsorship Package for the Jacksonville Axemen. (B) 4 Tickets to the VIP Sponsor Tent at the 2014 USA Rugby League National Championship game on August 23.

JaxArrest.com is the Title and Naming sponsor for the Axe Maiden Cheerleaders and they have confirmed their partnership through the 2015 season. You can visit their website and find out about all services offered at www.JaxArrest.com

You can also like them on facebook HERE, and see some of the quirky laws from around the country that they frequently post. (Things like: “In Kansas, you are prohibited from shooting rabbits from a motorboat.” – I wonder if it matters if it is in the water, or being towed on a trailer?)