Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Player Profile of the Week:  Matt Thornton

Matt Thornton’s experience and determination was revealed last weekend when he became one of the key players to help get the Axemen’s “comeback-win” over Boston. Matt was born and raised in Jacksonville, beginning his athletic career at Bishop Kenny High School and then playing football for Georgia Southern University. He continued to play at a competitive level in Arena Football for the Jacksonville Tomcats in 1999 and was named captain in 2000. Although Matt attributes his football experience to tackling and athletic skills, he credits rugby as being a much more cardiovascular intense sport, and it’s so much different to hit without pads. Matt maintains his high fitness level for rugby league at his training facilities he owns in Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beach where Cross Training classes are directed 7 times a day. Matt’s most memorable moment with the Axemen is winning the National championship in 2010 but he is more excited about this year. “I look forward to winning another championship because this is by far and away the best, most aggressive, most talented rugby team I have ever played on. This Axemen Team has more heart, proving that against Boston, than any team I have ever played on.