Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Round 3 Preview: Axemen vs Thirteens:

The Firehouse Subs Jacksonville Axemen will take on the Boston Thirteens this weekend for the first time since defeating them in the 2012 Championship Game. With the Boston Thirteens on an upswing after defeating the Rhode Island Rebellion last weekend they are seeking their first win ever against Jacksonville. The game will be a tough one for the Axemen, who are eager to get back on track after their loss to Philadelphia last week. “We’re all extremely excited for the game this weekend” says Axemen forward Jonathan “Schmee” Defau. “Not only is it a chance for redemption after taking our first loss since the playoffs during the 2011 season, but it’s also a rematch of the 2012 Grand Final. It’s a big game for us and we’ve been putting in a lot of hard work to prepare for it. We’ve identified where our opportunities to improve are and Shorto has done a great job of implementing changes to our training sessions to focus on those opportunities. I was very impressed with the team’s willingness to learn and eagerness to improve. I’m confident in our ability to bounce back from our loss last weekend and get back to our game plan. Make no mistake; we have every intention of becoming Jacksonville’s Back-to-Back National Champions.” Come see all the action this Saturday June 15 at 5pm at the UNF Soccer field next to Hodges Stadium.