Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Jacksonville Axemen confirm USA Rugby League National Championship will be Televised LIVE in Jacksonville.

Due to an amazing partnership with Jacksonville TV Station CW17, and production being provided by Talentino Media (Producers of the I KNOW JAX TV show), the Jacksonville Axemen can confirm the August 23 National Championship will be shown on LIVE TV in Jacksonville, and also be streamed LIVE on the internet for global viewers.

“This is something we have worked toward for years”, said Spinner Howland. “Of course we want all of Jacksonville to come to the event live, and experience the most elite game of Rugby League in the USA. But having it on local Jacksonville Television gives us an opportunity to attract new fans to the sport. With the game on TV on a Saturday night there will be thousands of viewers who will see the sport for the first time. These are the sports fans who will be asking themselves what is this game that looks kind of like American Football, but without any pads, and in non-stop action. This is the biggest opportunity we have to get new fans to our sport and to the Axemen.”

Joe Talentino, who owns IKNOWJAX.com and also producers the TV show of the same name, has been a streaming partner for the Axemen over many years, and was a key part of the operational side getting across the line. The new equipment available now lets the broadcast be produced on-site and go directly to the station. The game will be LIVE STREAMED at the www.IKNOWJAX.com website for Global viewers.

Drew Slover, Axemen General Manager, commented on the opportunity it brings to sponsors and the opportunity for a bright future. “The obvious part is to be able to offer sponsors of the event ads during the telecast and allow us to reach a massive amount of potential customers for them, while of course reaching new fans for ourselves.” He went on to note the potential, “If this technology works as good as it did during the extensive testing, we could be able look at all Axemen games being on TV in future seasons, and that would be the biggest step forward for us and the sport since the start of the Axemen team.”

The broadcast will start at 7pm on August 23 on CW17 in the Jacksonville Market, and run for the entire duration of the game. To visit the Station website CLICK HERE

The team also mentioned the importance of having a TV quality production of the game for future use. “This will give us a high quality copy of the National Championship”, said Howland. “And we will be looking to see if there is any interest from broadcasters in countries where Rugby League is a major sport. Even is only shown as an interest piece in the off-season, the exposure for USA Rugby League, and the City of Jacksonville would be incredible.”

Interested Sponsors/Advertisers are asked to contact Drew Slover at drew@jaxaxe.com