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Spinner Howland joins McManus Uncensored

After starting almost a year ago doing the “Fridays with Spinner” with Tom and then adding Mondays about 6 months ago, Spinner Howland will now become a permanent part of the McManus Uncensored Radio Show as Toms co-host. He will also be involved as Tom and his team start to progress the SUCK IT UP venture that is designed to move us away from the generation of “Entitlement” that has gripped society in too many ways.

For those people in locations outside of Jacksonville, there are ways for you to hear and even watch the show live on the internet. 930 The Fox is streamed live via the website www.930thefox.com and you can click here to go directly to the media player. If you prefer the watch the show live from the studio and see the “off air” stuff as well, then you can see it via our UStream page here (You can also use the “Chat” window to talk to us here)

And of course for those in the car in the Jacksonville area, you just need to tune your radio to 930am to hear all the “action” every morning. Don’t forget the Friday is currently the give-away day for the Mich Ultra Bikes courtesy of Budweiser. The Studio number is 904-448-0930

For those who want to JOIN THE MOVEMENT of SUCK IT UP – please visit www.suckitupusa.com and join us on facebook here

As always you can follow the Axemen on facebook and twitter by clicking on the links at the top of our home page.