Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Holiday Axemen News 2013

To the sponsors, fans, players and supporters of the Jacksonville Axemen, we would like to take a second to wish you all a very festive, safe and FUN holiday season.

We would also like to send out our own Christmas wish to SANTA…………

Dear Santa, We would like the Rugby League Community here in the USA, and those who support our great game around the world, to join us in a show of UNITY to strengthen the EQUITY our sport holds in the USA. Not only for the Axemen, but for our entire competition and our fellow teams. So, with the old saying, “We are greater as a combined unit, than the individual sum of our parts” in mind, we ask each of you to do something small and will cost nothing, but will be part of something big and be priceless.

This is the USA and our sport is Rugby League. So get familiar with the website for USA Rugby League at www.usarl.com  , like our league on www.facebook.com/USARL  , and of course follow on www.twitter.com/usarugbyleague

So let looks at our parts:

Import players such as Brent Shorten, and those like him from other teams, come to the USA from nations where the game is strong, to dedicate their time and effort to improve the product that is the game of Rugby League we out in front of our fans, and this gives us more QUALITY equity.

The Youth Program that is being developed and operated by the Rhode Island Rebellion and the Boston 13s, that is giving 100’s of middle and high school kids an opportunity to experience our game, grows our YOUTH and FUTURE equity.

The minor league competition developed by the Axemen in four cities across Florida gives us EXPANSION equity.

The annual 9’s tournament that is hosted each year in Philadelphia by the Philly Fight gives us constant international exposure and more GLOBAL equity.

Guys with the dedication like Joe Pontak, who created and led the Baltimore Blues, gives us proof that among our domestic players is the desire to foster new teams and shows us GROWTH equity.

Guys like Billy Weeks who moved from the playing ranks to officiating, and Danny Hanson who is going to take a greater role on a league level (both from the Washington DC Slayers), give us INTERNAL STRENGTH equity.

Our numerous officials who dedicate their time for education of rules and officiating games, along with our Judicial Panel, show we have true RESPECT equity for the regulations of the sport.

Those teams who have developed external programs like Cheerleaders, who have become vital parts of team marketing efforts, give us the opportunity to attract new DEMOGRAPHIC equity.

Our Sponsors and Fans who support our teams and our players during each and every season give us COMMUNITY equity.

Our players and their friends and families, who show unwavering commitment to their teams that grow with each and every season, give us SELF equity.

And our League Leadership and Board of Directors give us true PROFESSIONAL equity.

The Sum of all these parts are much greater when combined into a unified and committed voice that simply becomes the USA RUGBY LEAGUE COMMUNITY. You are all a part of it in one way or another, and for that we are all so very thankful

Help us help each other in showing that there is plenty of EQUITY for Rugby League in the USA.

Of course for those who have favorite teams or who live in regional locations and want to support their local guys you can also find your team on the www.usarl.com  website or search Facebook and Twitter to be added to their SOCIAL MEDIA Equity.

Thank you all for a great year and we are already getting ready for 2014 that will start with some HUGE news and looks like it will be the BIGGEST RUGBY LEAGUE SEASON EVER in the USA.