Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Three New Teams coming to Florida

There will be more posted in the coming week about this, but here are the three final logos for the “Firehouse Subs Southeastern Rugby League Championship”.
“Firehouse Subs has been an incredible partner for Rugby League and the first thing we want to do is ensure that all Rugby League fans understand the significance of their support in what we have been able to do with this”, said Axemen founder Spinner Howland. “Not only in the USA, but for the fans of our sport who visit from overseas to places such as Orlando, Daytona, Jacksonville or the other states that Firehouse Subs are located in. (See www.firehousesubs.com) Fans can help us show our thanks and support Firehouse Subs by visiting one of their restaurants and making themselves known as a supporter of Rugby League and thank them for allowing the Axemen to grow our great game.”

Southeastern Rugby League LLC, is the official name and “parent company” of the Jacksonville Axemen (We do business as d/b/a the Jacksonville Axemen). This was done when the team was first set up in 2006 with the view of developing Rugby League in our area on a regional level. Yes it has been our long term goal and a well thought out plan that we have always taken slow but steady steps without making promises we could not achieve.

The Axemen are our top team that competes in the USA Rugby League (USARL) and the three teams that will compete in Florida is our “test” to see if the sport is viable under this format and if further progress is ready.

These three teams all act as a feeder club system for the Axemen and compete against each other in a home and away series. Each team will play 4 games and then the top two will play off for a championship.

#1 It gets more guys playing Rugby League in our region during the summer and expands our game to a regional level
#2 It gives those guys who play Union during the Regional Union season, but do not get a chance to play 7’s over the summer, a chance to keep playing Rugby of some type and also exposes them to the 13 man code.
#3 It allows the Axemen to have a huge pool of AMERICAN players to select from – players can be selected to go up and down from the Axemen team based on performance and/or injury
#4 It shows the great opportunity in development that the USA Rugby League (USARL) has in the coming season and future years
#5 If is the most financially viable model to grow the sport by limiting the distance of travel, operational costs and the commitment of time for those players who are “first season” guys wanting to try Rugby League

For the USA Fan – this is much like Major League Baseball where we have three minor league teams and we can select from anyone
OR like having a large practice squad in the NFL but our guys will be playing all the time to stay game ready.