Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

Training Camp Kicks off a Positive 2014 Axemen Season

The Jacksonville Axemen 2014 season kicked off last weekend with the annual training camp, and team co-owner Spinner Howland was impressed with the turn out. “It was the best in Axemen history on a number of fronts. It provided the largest group of potential players we have seen attend camp, and also the highest level of average fitness.”

         Coach Matt Keeley was also impressed with the players who attended the camp. “I was unsure of what to expect given we lost a number of key players to the Central Florida Warriors,” says Keeley. “However, as always, Jacksonville just seems to produce young talent. Senior players like Richie Alleger and Jonathan “Schmee” Defau were instrumental in bringing the young players up to speed and really led by example of what is expected of an Axemen player.” The training camp brought in over 30 potential players from the Jacksonville area who were ready to improve their skills and test their fitness during a very demanding weekend. “What impresses me the most about the American players is their enthusiasm and willingness to learn,” says Keeley, “We certainly have a lot of great young talent coming through the ranks.”

          Included in the training camp last weekend were import players for the new USARL teams in Atlanta, Tampa, and Central Florida who will be playing against the Axemen in the South Conference. The import players travel on to their own training camps this coming weekend to help develop elite level rugby league with new USARL teams. The Axemen play their first regular season game away against the Tampa Mayhem on May 31st and Coach Keeley expects the Axemen to continue training effectively as they prepare over the next 2 weeks. “The bar has been raised this year and the vibe amongst the players is fantastic. I really believe this group has the ability to bring the trophy back to Jacksonville.”