Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

If any fans remember the 2010 National Championship win, you’ll also remember Josh Longenecker. He broke his nose during the first half, had Dr. Moore stitch him up on the sideline, and went right back in to fight for the win. Josh, who is known as “Bottle” to the Axemen players has been with the team for four years. Originally from Humble TX, he grew up learning to be tough by fighting with an older brother who is 6’5 250 lbs. Josh began his rugby career as a UNF Deadbird, and after playing for 3 years at the University he made the transition to Rugby League. He wanted to play for the Axemen after seeing it as the most professional club in the United States. Josh’s most memorable moment with the Axemen was losing last season to New Haven in the playoffs. “Obviously most people would say winning the National Championship was the most memorable, but the sting of defeat in front of our amazing fans hurt bad, and drives us to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” He looks most forward a fun flight home after winning the National Championship in Boston this year, and bringing a trophy back to Jacksonville.