Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League

The Jacksonville Axemen kicked off the season with a 3 day training camp last weekend. Over 25 players showed up and put in some hard work, showing the team is eager to defend their championship.

The trained Friday night at the Lax Box indoor field, Saturday all day at the Lax Box outdoor field, and Sunday session at the beach.

“I am really happy with how training camp turned out,” says Coach Sean Rutgerson. “I am happy with the number of players we had turn up and we have a nice mix of experienced veterans with some really good young rookies coming through. We are already far ahead of where we were after training camp last year, and as of right now I’d say we are looking good.”

The Axemen will continue to train hard in preparation for the first game of the season when they travel to take on the Copperheads on May 25th. Followed up the next week by an away game in Tampa, the team returns to Jacksonville for the home opener on June 8th.